Chalrose – Dare to be different

Chalrose was founded in the winter of 2012. I’d brought a beautiful new handbag, with a flap of fur which I adored and used as often as I could. However, as the temperatures rose, and winter began to fade, fashion moved on and the fur on my handbag no longer suited the season. I brought a new bag, and my “winter bag” ended up in a dark corner of my closet, not to be seen for another 10 months…

Despite being someone who loves to follow fashion trends, I believed that this had to change. Not only was my handbag habit a waste of my money, but it was also a hassle having to move my things from one bag to another, not to mention the effect buying a new bag for every season would have on the environment. I dreamt of a bag that could be customised my way, to give it a winter or summer look, saving me both the hassle and the money. I decided to experiment, out came the scissors, and voilà, I had created a whole new look! My dear friend, Pat Polise, was an American who had moved to the Netherlands when she married a Dutchman. I shared my new ideas with her, and she was so enthusiastic about them, and wanted to help develop the designs further. So together we began the journey of Chalrose. Alongside our careers in interior designer and ecommerce, we spent time sketching, making samples and searching for Italian studios. During our founding days, Pat also came up with an ingenious ‘click’ system – which can be seen on all our Chalrose Handbags today!

Then fate turned, and Pat became seriously ill with breast cancer and sadly died in 2014. She wished more than anything that I carry on Chalrose Handbags, as we had put so much work into it and it had now become our dream for it to be successful. After some time of mourning and reflection I decided to continue, if other than anything else, in memory of Pat. Pat continues to live on in Chalrose. The names of both our daughters come together to create our name: Ch (Charlotte) AL (Alexandra) and Rose (Roos).

I simplified our very first design to create the Chalrose City Bag, a cheaper and more practical alternative of our original designs. As a test batch, I made 80 City Bag’s in 2015 in a small studio in Friesland, North Holland. These 80 bags were introduced during an event in a small Dutch town called Sneek, and were sold out within 2 hours. It was an unbelievable feeling, that made me believe that Chalrose could become something special.

Chalrose Handbags are unique, made with high quality eco-friendly leather and are surprisingly beautiful in their simplicity. They are timeless models, that can be transformed endlessly with our extensive range of unique clicks. By using fringes, feathers, bracelets, studs and clutches the style of your handbag is in your hands!

After I had perfected the City Bag, a collection of other designs followed, including the Back-Shopper, Mini-Bag, Doppio Bag and our newest addition to the Chalrose family…the Piccolo! All our designs are similar in one way, their style can be changed by alternating between the unique range of Chalrose Clicks, which are continually being updated, so you’ll never have a dull bag day! As well as being sold online, our handbag collection is now being sold across the Netherlands in over 70 different stores!

Chalrose, don’t be like the rest of them. Or as Pat would say, “Screw the man. They think they’re the boss, but at the end of the day, women rule the world!”.

XX Marieke

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